TuneCable legally copies protected music and audio book by removing DRM control and converts protected WMA, M4P, AA, M4B to plain MP3, WAV, WMA audio files.

Fully automatic, TuneCable frees you from the hassles of copy protection without defeating the DRM copy-protection technology used by your audio files. This means it will function with all copy-protection measures, and it's completely legal.


How to convert MP3 music to plain WMA

Many users may want to convert MP3 music to WMA format which is more compatible for Windows systems. And this page will show you how to do this with TuneCable. Now launch TuneCable and follow below steps.

Step 1. Select WMA as output format in TuneCable

Click Options button in TuneCable and go to Record tab. Select WMA format here, and set the bitrate or codec if you like.

Step 2. Add music in the source list window of TuneCable

Click Add button in TuneCable to add MP3 music in TuneCable. You can also go to menu Recorder > Add File(s) or Add Folder...; or right click on the left source list window to add MP3 music files.

Step 3. Click Record button

Click Record button in top-left area of TuneCable to start recording. And you can check more options illustrated as below.

Open TuneCable M4P Audio Converter main window

Step 4. Edit output files in recorded list window

In the right window, you can find recorded music. And they are in non-protected format now. Right click on the output music, there are also multiple options. You can take various actions such as remove, play, open output folder, edit tags and add artwork to songs.

Recorded list window of TuneCable M4P Audio Converter


Select Open Folder and TuneClone will lead you to the target folder and check the WMA files converted from MP3 format. So easy!