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The best Spotify Converter you deserve. Freely enjoy offline playback of Spotify songs/audiobooks/podcasts on your Mac computer Now!

  • Convert songs from Spotify without any quality loss.
  • Convert Spotify audio files to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC format.
  • Keep ID3 tags and metadata for music library management.
  • Support fast & batch conversion of Spotify playlists.
  • Handy tools: Export to iTunes, Format Converter,Edit Tag.
  • Support for the latest macOS 13.

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Get Spotify Songs Locally

Rapidly convert Spotify Music tracks with a simple user interface.

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Popular Common Output Formats

Convert Spotify Music to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC format.

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Faster Conversion Speed

At a 10X faster rate, Spotify tracks can be converted and stored in bulk.

keep id3 tags of spotify music
Keep ID3 Tags & High Quality

TuneCable maintains lossless quality and the ID3 tags of converted songs.

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Record Spotify Songs, Albums & Playlists to Your Mac

The efficient converter TuneCable Spotify Music Converter allows you to save and extract your preferred songs from Spotify to your macOS devices.

  • Export Spotify songs, albums, playlists, audiobooks, and podcasts to local for offline listening.
  • Convert Spotify music without a premium account.
  • Filter out annoying ads when using your free Spotify account.
  • Remove the restricted Ogg Vorbis format and listen to them at any time.
  • Enjoying Spotify songs is no longer limited by quantity.
  • Support Spotify music playback across numerous devices without the 5-device restriction.
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10X Fast Speed & Bulk to Convert Spotify Songs

TuneCable Spotify Music Converter is such a lifesaver because it makes it simple to obtain desired Spotify Music tracks.

  • Supports batch conversion of songs within different playlists or albums.
  • The program has a simple and clear interface that allows you to convert songs in just a few clicks.
  • Easy to operate, you can drag and drop the songs you want to convert to the converter directly from the Spotify app.
  • Supports URL parsing. Songs can be read by copying and pasting the links.
  • You can manually filter the list of songs you don't want to convert.
convert spotify to mp3, aac, flac, wav, aiff, alac

Convert Spotify to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC Format

TuneCable Spotify Music Converter is a powerful music converter. Spotify songs processed by this tool will be free from the restrictions of the special OGG Vorbis format.

  • Multiple output formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC formats.
  • Get high-quality audio files at 320kbps regardless of Spotify account type.
  • Facilitate to use of Spotify songs with various programs, such as DJ software, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.
  • A handy format converter for converting other local files to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and AIFF formats.
keep high quality and id3 tags of spotify

Keep the Lossless Quality & ID3 Tags of Spotify Music

TuneCable Spotify Converter uses the most advanced encoding technology available today, allowing you to convert Spotify music fast without losing the original song information and quality.

  • Convert Spotify music with 100% audio quality preservation.
  • Intelligently identify and retain important ID3 tags such as Title, Album, Artist, Artwork, etc.
  • Support editing the tag information of converted songs.
  • Allows for custom output file naming and sorting.
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Enjoy Spotify Music Offline with Any Devices

Now you will find that with the help of this converter, you can play, edit or share Spotify music without any restrictions, no matter whether you are a free Spotify user or a premium user.

  • Enjoy Spotify music offline on any device like iPad, iPod Touch, smart speakers, PSP, etc.
  • After the conversion, Spotify can be burned to a CD for permanent storage.
  • Upload the converted songs to your cloud drive and share them with others anytime.
  • Transfer Spotify music to a USB drive and then you can play it while driving on the go.

Program Screenshots

main interface

Step 1. Add Spotify Music to TuneCable to Convert

Drag and drop the music from Spotify app into the box on the TuneCable main interface, or copy and paste the URL there and tap on "Parse" option.

Check User Guide
customize output format of Spotify Converter Mac

Step 2. Change the Output Parameters

Please go to the "Settings" pop-up to complete the selection of parameters. This includes output format, quality, etc.

Check User Guide
converting Spotify songs to Mac

Step 3. Converting Spotify Music to MP3 Format

Click the "Convert" button to start converting Spotify to the desired format. Wait patiently for the conversion to finish.

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What Does Our Client Say?

  • client
    Ronald Gina

    College Students

    This converter is simply great! I've always been a free Spotify user. Not only did I suffer from ads before, but I couldn't record my favorite songs. This converter solved all my troubles directly.

  • client
    Martin Shlerlen


    I give this converter 5 stars! It deserves it! I browsed through many converters with similar features and finally decided on this one. I was not disappointed. It saves my Spotify song list just as quickly as it was described and the sound quality is great.

  • client
    Kerry B.


    I first downloaded the trial version of TuneCable Spotify Converter. I found the program easy to use and it can convert and extract high quality Spotify songs. So I finally subscribed to this program. I also recommended it to my family and friends who need it!

  • client
    Lydia Nalen

    Fashion Designer

    I've been looking for a smart TV that supports the Spotify app. But considering the budget, I don't want to get a new one. This converter saved me time and effort! I just need to save the song list from Spotify and transfer it to USB and it will be ready to play through any device I like.

  • client
    Ray Ben


    I've been annoyed before because I couldn't get a Spotify song to be the BGM for a video I recorded for my daughter's birthday. This app solved all the problems! Everything went very smoothly.

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