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12 Free Sources for Download Christmas Songs as Local Files

πŸŽ„ May the light of Christmas shine brightly in your heart and home all year long. 🎊

Every year, Christmas arrives as scheduled. Each winter season is reborn in heavy snowfall, welcoming the arrival of the next spring. Perhaps this year, you have gained new companions, loved ones, or family members to celebrate with. At every Christmas, we all express our amazement and say, "Another year has passed, and there are renewed hopes."

What kind of delightful surprises are you preparing for Christmas while accidentally having a glance at this article?

Regardless, Christmas songs are an essential element that cannot be overlooked. A festive occasion without music lacks the desired ambiance. As Christmas draws near each year, we scour various websites in search of methods to download Christmas songs. Since you have serendipitously stumbled upon this article, you can peruse it thoroughly and attentively. This article imparts 12 highly practical websites where you can effortlessly download Christmas songs to your local device.

Free Download Christmas Songs Locally

πŸŽ„ 12 Sources to Free Download Christmas Songs

With these 12 sources, you can easily access a wide range of Christmas songs. Afterward, in the succeeding part, you are oriented to practical approaches to downloading Christmas songs from these trusted sources and keeping them as local files on your device, ensuring you have a festive soundtrack ready whenever you need it. Let's first dive into the various free music sources for free downloading Christmas songs.

πŸ”Έ Note: Some music sources allow you to directly download Christmas songs for free, while others only support free online streaming of Christmas songs. If you find that you are unable to download Christmas songs for free to your local device, but can listen to them for free online, you can directly jump to the second part of the guide to learn how to save these Christmas songs to a local PC for free.

1. Spotify Music

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Why Spotify excels every time among tons of streaming music sources? It’s not without reason that Spotify has been at the forefront of the streaming music industry for years. Hailed as one of the largest music streaming service providers, Spotify has gathered millions of active users globally by providing millions of music tracks, including but not limited to, pop music, hip-hop, reggaeton, electronic music, rock music, classical music, and jazz music, to cater to the diverse preferences of its users.

Simply enter the keyword "Christmas", and a multitude of related tracks, albums, playlists, and podcasts will appear. It displays the search result with several labels: "All", "Playlists", "Genres & Moods", "Albums", "Songs", "Podcasts & Shows", "Audiobooks", "Artists", and "Profiles". The selection is incredibly diverse, ranging from classic to newly released Christmas songs, and Spotify can provide the results. If you can't find the Christmas song you want on other platforms, Spotify will definitely surprise you.

free download christmas songs from spotify

For Instance, the playlist "World's Best Christmas Playlist" indexes 196 Christmas songs covering almost all common-downloaded tracks. And to keep on trend, you can check the "Christmas Pop" playlist that enrolls 90 popular Christmas songs.

With a stable internet connection, the Spotify Free account allows you to play some Christmas songs for free (with ads). However, songs on Spotify cannot be downloaded through a free account; you need a Premium subscription. Additionally, after downloading songs, Premium users can only offline play them using the Spotify app or the Spotify web player. If you have other purposes, such as removing the encryption format of Spotify songs or wanting to download ad-free Christmas songs through Spotify's free account, you can skip to this guide to download Spotify songs as local files.

2. Tidal Music

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From MQA to HiRes, Tidal Music has always been highly respected by music enthusiasts. The unique feature of Tidal Music's music library is that it features high-resolution HiRes music. In addition, Tidal also has some exclusive or priority-release content in its featured music library. This means that users can enjoy a higher-quality music experience through Tidal. However, every music streaming service has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as Tidal may not be as good as Spotify in terms of song list and usability; while in Rap genre songs, Tidal is very rich, which may be related to Jay-Z's dominance.

Tidal also offers a Free plan for users who don't want to subscribe to stream music at 160kbps with "ads interruptions". Similarly, offline download functionality is exclusive to HiFi and HiFi Plus users. If you only need to play Christmas songs online, enter "Christmas", a diversity of results are available. You can locate what you want under the labels "Top Result", "Tracks", "Videos", "Artists", "Albums", "Playlists", and "Profiles". To download a series of Christmas songs, you can look into some carefully prepared playlists, such as "Christmas Classics", "Christmas Ever", "Christmas Pop", etc. And there are other options for Christmas videos, which add flavor to this winter. Another special feature is that Tidal has specially prepared an MQA Christmas song collection for music enthusiasts, "Christmas Crackers! Tidal Masters", which allows users to indulge in the magic of the season.

free download christmas songs from tidal

Tidal Free subscribers are restricted from downloading the aforementioned Christmas tunes, and even those who have upgraded to Tidal HiFi or Tidal HiFi Plus are prohibited from utilizing these festive tracks for any other purpose. In order to bypass these limitations, one must remove the restrictions and save them in a local MP3 or alternative file format.

3. Amazon Music

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Amazon Music boasts a powerful personalized recommendation system. Based on users' listening activity and favorite music, the service recommends music stations, playlists, albums, and songs to users. Amazon Music offers three subscription plans to cater to different user needs. Amazon Music Unlimited provides the highest sound quality of Ultra HD and Spatial Audio. Amazon Music Prime offers high-definition sound quality. However, the sound quality of Amazon Music Free is relatively lower. If you sign up for Amazon Free, you can also stream Christmas songs online. The Amazon Free plan has several features:

  • Discover new music and podcasts based on your likes.
  • Curated Playlists on demand for Android and iOS.
  • Thousands of Stations and top Playlists.
  • Millions of podcast episodes.

Inputting "Christmas", you can filter your desired results by "Top Result", "Stations", "Songs", "Artists", "Albums", "Playlists", "Podcasts", and "Podcasts Episodes". When conducting a search on Amazon Music, the results prioritize "Stations". If you are seeking related albums or playlists, you will need to scroll further down. In comparison to other music streaming platforms like Spotify or Tidal, Amazon Music's collection of Christmas songs is not as extensive. However, it does offer a selection of classic Christmas tunes that can be found within this playlist "Greatest Christmas Songs". Additionally, some of the more contemporary Christmas hits can also be discovered in this playlist "Christmas Present".

From an objective standpoint, Amazon Music, as one of the premier streaming music services, boasts a sufficiently extensive library that enables users to search for their desired Christmas tunes. However, similar to other streaming platforms, free users are restricted in terms of offline download capabilities. Additionally, Amazon Music Prime and Unlimited subscribers must continually renew their subscriptions in order to unlock this feature. Furthermore, downloaded songs are encrypted, rendering them unmovable even if the user manages to locate where the Amazon downloads are stored. To effectively address this vexing issue, it is highly recommended that users save Christmas songs from Amazon as local audio files. This approach not only eliminates restrictions but also opens up a world of possibilities for users.

free download christmas songs from amazon music

4. Audiomack:

Audiomack is a free platform for artists to upload, promote, and share music, including hip-hop, R&B, electronic dance music, rock, pop, and other genres. One of its main features is its community function, where users can create profiles, follow other artists, and interact with them. In addition, users can create their own playlists and share them with other users or post them on Audiomack's community. Another important feature of Audiomack is its mobile app, which allows users to discover new music, track their favorite artists, and communicate with other music lovers anytime and anywhere. Overall, Audiomack is a comprehensive music platform for artists and music lovers, providing them with a vast space to share and discover new music.

Part of the tracks and remixes are allowed to be downloaded for free. Furthermore, there is another pleasant surprise - streaming music on PCs, iOS devices, or Android devices using Audiomack can be entirely free. Through various tags, you can get your desired Christmas songs, for instance, "Podcast", "Pop", "Rock", "R&B", "Country", etc.

free download christmas songs from audiomack

5. DatPiff:

"DatPiff is a music-sharing platform that offers free audio and video downloads, as well as support for sharing on social media. It includes a wide variety of hip-hop music, among other genres. When searching for Christmas songs, you can filter through several categories: "Relevance", "Views", "Title", "Date", and "Creator".

One of the unique features of this platform is its ability to provide users with visual data on the number of views, favorites, and comments for each Christmas music album. This feature serves as an invaluable resource when making a decision on which Christmas song to download.

free download christmas songs from datpiff

6. Audionautix:

Audionautix was established by the renowned American musician, Jason Shaw, and encompasses a diverse range of musical genres such as folk, blues, Hip Hop, and rock. The platform's primary objective is to create an independent, royalty-free music resource download library. Users can access various styles of audio on the website and utilize them for free in a multitude of media scenarios including movies, advertisements, games, videos, podcasts, and more. Even commercial use of his works is permitted under specified conditions. Despite the fact that the entire website is a personal endeavor of Jason Shaw, the interface design is intentionally kept simple to reduce maintenance costs. As a result, the number of Christmas-related tracks available for search is limited. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that users have the ability to directly and freely download Christmas songs as local MP3 files.

free download christmas songs from audionautix

7. Beatstars:

Beatstars is a sophisticated collaboration and sales platform, meticulously crafted for music creators. This digital utopia empowers music composers to flaunt and vend their beats (music accompaniment) and other auditory materials, thereby spawning an innovative revenue stream for them. For artists, it is a veritable haven to procure top-notch accompaniments that can aid them in crafting one-of-a-kind songs. This platform thrives on the symbiotic relationship between music creators and artists, reaping profits from their mutually beneficial partnership.

For those who seek to utilize music works for non-commercial purposes, Beatstars proffers a plethora of options to satiate their musical appetite. By subscribing to the YouTube channel or furnishing their email address, users can effortlessly download songs. A mere click on the "free download icon" free download songs will unveil a pop-up window, whereupon entering the email address, the song shall be dispatched to the user's inbox.

free download songs from beatstars

The platform also features an array of filtering options, enabling users to sift through Christmas songs, playlists, albums, and more, based on various categories. Alternatively, users can set parameters such as "Genre", "Track Type", "Price", "Mood", "Key", "Instrument", "BPM", "Duration", "Tags", "Energy", and "Vocal" to expeditiously pinpoint the desired Christmas songs or albums.

free download christmas songs from beatstars

8. Bandcamp:

As a music-selling platform similar to the C2C model, Bandcamp has a low entry threshold. As a musician, you can create your own page to showcase your music, customize the price of your work for sale, and attract a large number of users to subscribe to your homepage through this platform, thus gaining fans who like your music. In addition, it also supports the sale of physical goods such as vinyl records, CDs, tapes, T-shirts, and other music-related merchandise. Here you can not only find free MP3 songs, but also lossless audio formats such as FLAC, WAV, and AIFF files. By searching for the keyword "Christmas", you can get almost 6 pages of search results. The search results are generally divided into several categories: "all", "artist & labels", "albums", "tracks", and "fans". Unlike popular Christmas songs that are familiar to everyone's ears, the Christmas songs provided here are relatively niche and unique. You can open any album and play the songs for free.

free download christmas songs from bandcamp

9. Internet Archive:

The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that has been providing free access to its vast collection of digital resources since its inception in 1996. Unlike other music platforms, it is a comprehensive repository, or more accurately, a digital library, housing millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. It periodically archives information from websites around the world for future generations. If you're looking to use it as a music library, you'll find live concert recordings, radio programs, audiobooks, and traditional music from around the globe. Most of the music is available for free download or streaming. By searching for the keyword "Christmas", you can visually see the views, number of collections, and comments for all search results. You can navigate to the desired Christmas songs by using the tags "Relevance," "Views," "Title," "Date," and "Creator".

free download christmas songs from audio archive

10. Free Music Archive:

Based on the name of this website, "Free Music Archive", it is evident that this is a platform for free music. It covers various genres and styles of musical works, including rock, electronic, jazz, classical, experimental music, etc. Here, independent artists can directly showcase their original works. And under specific conditions, the public can freely use these songs, such as attribution, non-commercial purposes, etc. Some music belongs entirely to the public domain and has no restrictions on use. For musicians, this is a great platform to share their music freely and attract fans. For those who need free music materials, there is no shortage of good music here, making it a powerful music library.

There are nearly 600 Christmas songs available for free online playback and download, and you can easily download them by clicking the download arrow. You may choose to donate some money according to your will. You can select the category of music to filter the desired Christmas songs, such as "All", "Instrumental", "License", "Genre", and "Duration". However, this platform ceased operations in 2019 and has since transferred its music library to KitSplit to continue serving the public.

free download christmas songs from freemusicarchive

11. Jamendo Music:

Jamendo Music is an online music platform that specializes in providing free and legal music downloads, streaming, and licensing. Jamendo Music can be characterized as a vibrant and diverse library of free music resources. Through various tags such as artists, albums, genres, etc., you can find the music you need. This platform covers a wide range of music genres, including pop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, folk, and more. On this free music-sharing platform, you can upload and share your own musical works or listen to and stream music for free online. When you need to download Christmas songs, you only need to enter the keyword "Christmas" to see two categories of search results: "Songs" and "Albums". Click on the music to play it for free online, and click the "download icon" free download songs to download the Christmas songs in MP3 format for free.

free download christmas songs from Jamendo

12. Soundclick:

SoundClick is a music creation and sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and discover musical works. It provides various types of musical materials, including instrument samples, audio clips, effect plugins, etc., which users can use as a basis for creating their own musical works. The musical works on SoundClick cover various genres and styles, including pop, rock, electronic, classical, jazz, etc. Users can create their own music playlists on SoundClick, share and collect favorite musical works, as well as follow and interact with artists. In addition, SoundClick also provides an open music creation platform that allows artists to upload and share their own musical works.

Here, musical compositions are meticulously categorized and tagged with diverse genres. Under the "Christmas" tag, a plethora of distinctive holiday tunes can be discovered. Users can refine their search for Christmas songs based on numerous genres, ranging from traditional to contemporary, such as "Acoustic", "Alternative", "Blues", "Classical", "Country", "Electronic", "Hip Hop", etc. The vast collection of music is accessible for free online streaming, allowing users to indulge in the festive spirit at any time.

free download christmas songs from soundclick

πŸŽ„ How to Download Christmas Songs as Local Files

Many websites offer free Christmas songs, but not all of them can be easily downloaded to your local device. This section is designed to help you successfully download the desired Christmas songs as local files after learning about the 12 free music resource websites mentioned above.

How to Download Christmas Songs from Spotify/Amazon/Tidal via TuneCable

Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music, which are all major players in the streaming music industry, are frequently the first choices for individuals seeking to locate suitable Christmas songs. These platforms offer free accounts that allow users to stream music online. However, when it comes to offline download options, a paid subscription is necessary. Furthermore, even with a paid subscription, downloaded Christmas songs may be challenging to transfer to other devices for unlimited use, such as incorporating them into Christmas videos as background music, importing them into DJ software, or saving them as ringtones on mobile phones.

Therefore, you need a professional music downloader to break the rules and help you get rid of the restrictions. Here comes our savior - TuneCable. It develops a run of music converters for extracting music from Spotify Music, Tidal Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

    TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader is highly acclaimed as the best music extraction tool for both Spotify Free and Premium users. With this clear green tool, you can batch-download songs, albums, and playlists from Spotify. It is an excellent assistant in decrypting Spotify files and converting them into various popular formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC.

    TuneCable Tidal Music Downloader is designed to download Tidal songs to a local PC or Mac in plain formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. The audio quality is perfectly retained after conversion. You have multiple options for sample rate, ranging from 44.1kHz to 192kHz. Even Tidal Free users can take advantage of the offline downloading function with this converter. You are not restricted to using Tidal songs only within the Tidal app or web player. It enables you to save Tidal songs and playlists as local files without encryption.

    TuneCable Amazon Music Downloader is a versatile tool that enables users to download songs from Amazon Prime and Amazon Unlimited accounts. With this innovative software, you can easily access and download an extensive range of music categories from Amazon Music, rather than being limited to specific all-access playlists. The downloaded songs are available in various popular audio formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and applications. TuneCable Amazon Music Downloader allows you to download songs as actual local files, providing you with complete control over your music collection. Furthermore, it preserves the original sound quality of the songs during the downloading process. This means that you can enjoy high-quality, lossless music on your preferred device without any compromise on audio fidelity.

Here are detailed steps you can follow to download Christmas songs as local files in common formats from Spotify, Tidal, or Amazon Music. We are taking TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader as an example. You can refer to the same operations to download Christmas songs.

Step 1: Get the preferred TuneCable Music Converter installed and open it (TuneCable Download Center>>). On the start-up interface, choose to download music from the app or web player.

tunecable spotify downloader main interface

Step 2: To add music from the app, drag your desired Christmas song, album, or playlist from the Spotify/Tidal/Amazon app to TuneCable. If you plan to download Christmas music from the web player, open a Christmas album or playlist and click the "Click to add" button in the lower right.

add christmas playlists

Step 3: After a while, the songs will be loaded. Tick off the songs you are going to download, then tap on "Add".

christmas songs download

Step 4: Before the conversion, go to the "Settings" section to adjust the output formats, quality, saving path, etc.

adjust output settings of christmas songs

Step 5: After that, go back to "Home" and hit the "Convert" button to trigger the download process. It will save the Christmas songs to your local PC.

convert christmas songs

Step 6: Head to the "Converted" section, you will see the download history. The "folder icon" next to each track can assist you in locating the song.

offline play christmas songs for free

How to Free Download Christmas Songs via Audacity Audio Recorder

Audacity is a completely free audio recording software created by a group of volunteers. Due to the lack of fees, there are fewer updates and maintenance. However, compared to the built-in sound recorder of the computer system, it also comes with audio editing functions. In addition, it supports the output of multiple audio formats, which can meet the different needs of users. You can install it on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems. Audacity supports the recording of both microphone and system sound, allows for separate volume adjustments, and facilitates the adjustment of the source of recorded audio. Therefore, if you are unable to download Christmas songs for free from some of the aforementioned music platforms, you can play them online and use Audacity to record them, and then export them as local files. Let's see how it records Christmas songs and save them as local files.

Step 1: Direct to Audacity's official website and get it installed for free.

Step 2: Launch this app after its installation. Then open the website where you need to record Christmas music.

Step 3: Click the red "record icon" on Audacity and start playing the Christmas song on the website simultaneously.

Step 4: Click on the "stop icon" until the recorder the Christmas song ends. You can adjust the duration of the song by using the embedded editor.

Step 5: When it's done, go to "File > Export > Export Multiple" to save the Christmas song to your local PC. When exporting, you are enabled to change the output format and other parameters if necessary.

record christmas music to mp3 via Audacity

πŸŽ„ More Tips About Christmas Songs

# How to Transfer Christmas Songs to SD Card/USB:

After downloading Christmas songs to your local PC, simply connect your USB flash drive or SD card to your computer. And then, move the Christmas songs to it.

# How to Transfer Christmas Songs to Android/iOS:

For Android Devices: Connect your Android phone or tablet to the computer via a USB cable. Then go to "This PC" and make an entry into its internal storage disk. Find the "Music" folder and copy the Christmas songs to this folder. You can access the newly imported Christmas songs via the Music app after disconnecting your device from the computer properly.

For iOS Devices: You can upload the downloaded Christmas songs to the iTunes app (Music app on Mac), then sync the music library to your connected iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Or you can use TuneCable to one-click export your music to iTunes and then sync the Christmas songs to your iOS device.

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# How to Burn Christmas Songs to A CD:

After downloading Christmas songs from Spotify, Tidal, or Amazon Music via TuneCable, you have a simple solution to burn music to CD. By the way, if you intend to burn other local audio files to a CD, TuneCable is also feasible.

Start TuneCable Music Converter, then navigate to "Converted". Then select the converted Christmas songs, click on the "more tools icon", and choose "Burn CD". From here, after inserting a CD burner, you can burn the selected Christmas songs to your CD.

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πŸŽ„ The Final Words:

This article comprehensively compiles a list of platforms that offer free downloads of Christmas songs, providing users with an extensive range of options to choose from. With this valuable resource at your fingertips, you can effortlessly locate and acquire the perfect Christmas tunes for every holiday season. You can bookmark this article in case you need it again next year. Anyway, Spotify is still the first choice for downloading Christmas songs because it has the best quality and largest music library compared to other music platforms. It has a lot of curated Christmas-related playlists and albums to choose from. If you are frustrated with only having a Spotify Free account or needing to download Christmas songs as non-encrypted local files, then it is recommended that you download TuneCable Spotify Music Downloader immediately. Before Christmas comes, you will be able to download enough Christmas songs and share them with your family and friends.

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